Had to share this article I read on Jezebel today. It hits close to home and was a pick-me-up of sorts to read on a day when one’s self esteem was in the shitter.

I’ve never been one to like Margaret Cho as a comedian. It wasn’t her leanings for shock humour or propensity for the word ‘cunt.’ More so, she just seemed bitter to me. Angry and very, very bitter. It wasn’t until I read her article that I realized that yes, she is angry, and understandably so.

As someone who faced/faces ups and downs when it comes to body image, and a grown up who still battles memories of bullying and abuse, it was refreshing to read someone’s brutally honest rebuttal to all of the assholes out there. (Long story short, Cho’s rant came after some nasty comments about a Twitter picture she posted of her new ass tattoo.) What resonated with me the most was her admitting to being mad and angry, and to wanting to seek revenge on those that have hurt her. To not having “risen above” her feelings and overcome the pain. Too often I feel like people’s attempts at moving past situations and memories are simply empty, just shoving things under the proverbial rug or relegating them to the back of one’s mind, only to make their return when least expected. Not actually owning up to the emotions. The Buddhist in me knows and understands that anger acts as an obstacle, and that giving power to that emotion only makes it bigger, but you know what? Fuck yeah Cho, and fuck yeah to the anger. Sometimes realizing and acknowledging it is enough.



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